From Floors to Upholstery and Beyond

At American Heritage, Inc, we specialize in commercial and residential floor cleaning—from carpets and area rugs, stone, tile, and concrete, all the way to hardwoods. We also clean recreational vehicles, upholstery, and grout.

Our Services

Whether in your home or business, your floors are a reflection of your style. They take the beating we give them every day—from kids, to pets, to parades of customers. That’s why it’s important to keep that investment clean to look better, longer. If you’re in need of our services, contact us today.

Upholstered easy chair

Upholstery Cleaning

You love that couch and your grandmother’s armchair…but it’s seen dozens of holidays, football games, and sick days. We have specially designed tools and cleaners for upholstery, getting deep into crevices to reach trapped dirt and bringing those favorite pieces back to life.

Residential Services

Your floors are an investment. They are also where your kids and pets play. We believe the floor in the house should be clean, beautiful, and safe. We offer cleaning services for every type of floor, including carpet, area rugs, exotic woods, concrete, and stone. The cleaning agents we use are safe for pets and children, so there’s no worry for their safety.

Area rug in beautiful older home
Concrete floor in warehouse

Commercial Flooring

Whether it’s carpeting, stone, hardwood, or concrete, the floors in your business still see their share of dirt, spills, and traffic. These leave your floors looking dirtier and older than they are. Customers notice, and this can reflect a poor image. We can clean multiple offices and rooms, even multi-level buildings, all without loss of cleaning suction when working on multiple floors. This means you get clean, beautiful floors throughout your building.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwoods have made a comeback, and it’s hard to imagine them going away. Whether it’s oak, pine, walnut—or the more exotic woods like cherry, teak or mahogany, it’s important to keep them clean for longer life and retained beauty. We are trained to clean all wood, including exotic types. Contact us today to learn more.

woman sitting on floor reading a book