Hardwood Floor Restoration

American Heritage Hardwood Floor Cleaning

American Heritage’s experienced teams can handle your hardwood floor restoration project! We clean or completely restore hardwood floors in the Ozarks as well as the Springfield and Nixa area.

Hardwood floor cleaning goes beyond sweeping or mopping and can be a challenging task. Your mop and broom simply move the dirt and grime around and can fall short in removing ground in dirt, which damages your hardwood surface over time.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floor cleaning has been revolutionized by our proprietary cleaning solution and high speed rotary brush that reaches tough dirt and harmful contaminants. Those hard to reach corners are dealt with by a thorough hand cleaning. This is followed by a second cleaning with our neutral cleaner which removes any remaining residue as well as restores your floor’s finish to its natural pH balance. Finally, we recommend our outstanding maintenance coat finish product which provides a uniform sheen and long lasting protection for your hardwood floor.

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